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We are a mixed bunch of misfits that have come together to provide you with an overall better gaming experience. Providing you with the latest game news, all the tips and  tricks to tackle the hardest levels or over come glitches and our thoughts and opinions on various games out there in the market.

The question is who exactly are “we”? Well as a reader of our blog we feel you deserve to know a little bit about us, so here are our regular writers:


About: In my spare time you’ll usually catch me watching TV, going to the gym, or PC gaming. I’m typically interested in all things technical, ripping apart computers and upgrading them on a regular basis or tinkering around with my Raspberry Pi are just a few hobbies. I’ve been gaming longer than I care to remember and have had everything from the N64 through to the teenage Xbox years and have now finally settled on the best kind of gaming, PC, although I wouldn’t mind a console again at some point!

Favourite Game Type: FPS.

Devices Owned: PC, Raspberry Pi, Android Phone, Windows Tablet, Ipod Touch.

Favourite Game Type:

Devices Owned:

Matt Johnson

I’m Matt – general gaming enthusiast and YouTube fanatic. If I’m not playing games, I’m either writing about them or making videos of them. My favourite title of all time is Grand Theft Auto 3, and as you may have guessed from this, I’m a sucker for the PS2 era of gaming, as well as PS1, too.

You can also find me here:

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Favourite Game Type: Driving / beat ’em up / sports

Devices Owned: PS1, PS2, Test PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.


Oh, and just in case you hadn’t guessed already, yes, MCM is our initials (we also like memes).